Bride getting ready before ceremony, Lake Bluff, Illinois.
Bride putting on pearl necklace
Bridesmaids getting ready before ceremony
Bride and Mom enjoy time together before ceremony
Bride visits with mother of the groom before the ceremony
Bride getting ready before ceremony
Mother of the bride shows off wedding coursages
Bride waiting in the sunroom before wedding ceremony
The bride poses before the ceremony.
Groom fixing his tie before wedding ceremony
Groom tying his shoe before leaving for wedding ceremony
Groomsman waits while groom gets ready for wedding ceremony
Groom with groomsmen
Groomsman helping Father of the Groom with his tie
Groom, Lake Bluff, Illinois.
Groom and Best Man
Bride and Groom leave for pictures in the park
Groom leading bride down this quant residential road, Lake Bluff, Illinois.
Bride and Groom in the park before the wedding ceremony
Bride and Groom make a heart
Bride and Groom walk together in the park
Bride and Groom look out to the lake
Bride and Groom kiss in the park
Wedding reception on Lake Bluff
Wedding reception, Cocktail tables on Lake Bluff
Groom and Groomsmen under the willow tree
Mother and Stepfather of the Bride
Waiting for guests at the reception
Goomsmen enjoying the view
Wedding party getting the boathouse ready for guests; Lake Bluff, Illinois.
Wedding reception appetizers
Guests mingling at wedding reception
Wedding guests enjoying the view of the lake.
Wedding guests taking photos
Bride and Groom head down to the boathouse with the golf cart.
Guests travel to the boathouse
Groom chats with guests
Bride and Groom escort Grandmother up to the stage
Guests enjoy the Lake Bluff view
Mother of the Bride gives a speech at the reception
Bride and Groom thank their  guests at the reception
Groomsman translates Father of the Groom's speech
Guests clap for Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom laugh together