Savannah Backyard BBQ Wedding

Two weeks ago I took a trip to Savannah, Georgia, to witness one of my dearest friends getting married to his beautiful bride. I got to be there, not only as a friend, but as their photographer, and there couldn’t have been a more charming setting to capture it all, than Savannah.

Chris and Amy began their relationship as high school sweethearts, and after several years on different paths, life has managed to reunite them. Chris has since moved to Savannah to build a new life with Amy, and his new little buddy, Carter. 

Family and friends of past and present were invited to share the day with them, beginning with a quaint Savannah backyard ceremony, and ending at a local barbecue joint, chock-full of honey jalapeno margaritas and a tasty taco bar. It was a good time for all!

Also, did I mention that Chris and Amy have matching paopu fruit tattoos? If you are a gamer, than you might know how incredibly cute that is, but if not, you should seriously find out.