Outdoor Bridgeport Art Center Wedding

As we enter the New Year, I find myself looking back at some of the beautiful weddings I was able to shoot in 2016. I thought, what better way to reflect on the New Year by highlighting some of the moments that have been captured. 

This particular wedding was lead by Heather Decamp Photography, and as she documented Helen’s experience throughout this May day, I was able to focus on Griffin. There’s something really beautiful at merging the two perspectives together into one captured day.

I met Griffin and his best men at the Palmer House. Little did we know that the hotel would be completely surrounded by the Memorial Day parade, causing a few of the gang to meet a little later than planned. Having a bit more time on our hand, Griffin and the boys started talking about their love of comics, so much that they had one on hand to show off. 

Shortly after, we headed down to Grant Park for the groom to meet his bride. They met, they laughed, they kissed, and we took a nice stroll through the park before heading to Bridgeport Art Center for the ceremony, where friends and family warmly gathered to witness their marriage, dine and dance together.