West Loop City View Loft Wedding

Ria + Brian met at Arrigo Park for a special first look, followed by a jaunt with their wedding party through the West Loop area for fun, urban industrial photo ops before heading to Kitchen Chicago for their wedding ceremony. Here, they brought two joyous families together, joining Filipino and Jewish traditions, and including little Bella in the ceremony by presenting her with a special necklace, gifted from Brian.

Cocktails and appetizers were had following the ceremony with a lighthearted folky performance by Man Bread, before the guests were lead up to City View Loft for a night of good eats and celebration, including of course, singing, dancing, and lots of cotton candy!

Special thanks to the following vendors for contributing to such an awesome wedding:

Kitchen Chicago
City View Loft
Flowers by Stem
Florescio Films
Spin Spun