Bridesmaids help the bride with her dress before her West Loop rooftop ceremony in Chicago.
The coolest winged shoes for this dark and moody cosplay-inspired Chicago wedding.
Brian and Barrett get ready together in their Logan Square condo.
A moment in the garden before the ceremony.
Picking daisies with the bride and groom.
A kiss through the swing at Heritage Farm before the outdoor wedding ceremony.
The ring bearer
The Matron of Honor gives a speech in honor of the bride and groom at the Cheney Mansion in Oak Park, Illinois.
Backyard Bohemian bride, Savannah, Georgia.
Bride and Groom a la American Gothic
Vintage necklace for the bride.
Bride and Groom, kissing at the park in Lake Bluff, Illinois.
A boy and his plane.
Groom and his Scotch
The Ring Bearer and the Groom getting ready
Groom boasts his comic book knowledge before his downtown Chicago ceremony.
Sunset wedding at Heritage Farm, Illinois.
Bride and Groom have a private moment in the barn at Heritage Farm.
Groom fiddling with his suspenders.
Snazzy grooms help each other with their colorful bowties before their Low Res Studio wedding in Chicago.
Hurray!!! Married at Low Res Studio in Fulton Market, Chicago!
The wedding party stops for some street karaoke during pictures in downtown Chicago, Illinois.
The bride shares a joyful moment with her Grandma.
Pretty pink place cards at Room 1520
Flaunting the most gorgeous bridal bouquet at the Laurie Gardens, downtown Chicago.
Romantic bride in the garden at Laurie Gardens, downtown Chicago.
The sun sets at Ignite Studio as the wedding guests sip wine in the courtyard.
The bride and groom take advantage of this cool mural at the Flamingo Rum Club in Chicago.
The grooms spend the morning together in their condo before their Logan Square wedding.
Bride and groom with a vintage-inspired garden wedding.
Giggling bride at her Bed and Breakfast before heading to the Cheney Mansion in Oak Park, Illinois.
Bride and groom sing with joy!
Kissing in the Elawa Farm garden.
Guests take photos of the bride and groom as they give their first kiss
Pink floral Heritage Farm outdoor wedding ceremony
Pink and gold wedding cake at Heritage Farm.
Vintage china for this elegant Heritage Farm tent wedding!
Reception place cards at the City Loft, Chicago, Illinois.
Bride gets ready for her West Loop wedding in Chicago, Illinois.
Groomsmen having a talk before the ceremony
Bride with orchids and vintage dress.
Painted dinosaurs were used as small wedding favors for the guests of the Bride and Groom, to remind them that they met at the Science Museum
Large format film portrait of bride at Big Delicious Planet in Chicago, Illinois.
Friend of the Bride and Groom helps to prep for the wedding
Pup says goodbye to the bride and groom as they leave for the reception
It's a Simpson's wedding!!
Casual wedding reception at Blowing Smoke, Savannah, Georgia.
Sending good vibes to the bride and groom during the ceremony.
The bride puts on her necklace for their dark romance wedding.
Silhouette of the grooms in Humboldt Park, Chicago.
Groom getting ready to meet his bride for their downtown Chicago wedding ceremony
Groom practices folding his pocket square
Film portrait of the groom against ivy at the urban farm of Big Delicious Planet.
Film portrait of the bride against ivy at the urban farm of Big Delicious Planet.
Bride getting ready with her maid of honor and Mom
Pink bouquet and teal dress
A kiss at the Wrigley Building in downtown Chicago, Illinois before their loft wedding.
Popping champagne in the bridal suite with her bridesmaids.
Glowing bride during the ceremony at the City Loft, Chicago, Illinois.
Guests witness the bride and groom give a speech at the Cheney Mansion.
Bride and groom quietly embrace in the gardens of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Bride and groom take a stroll near Lake Michigan at the Planetarium in Chicago, Illinois.
Engagement ring and tea kettle
Pink bridesmaids dresses.
Groom gets ready at Loew's Hotel, downtown Chicago.
Bride and Groom at Elawa Farm
Floral arrangements at Elawa Farm outdoor reception
Stuffed mushroom appetizer at Elawa Farm.
Bride and groom listen to a heart felt speech from the Father of the Groom.
Beautiful floral cake with black and gold accents at the Wheeler Mansion in Chicago.
Getting ready to toast the Bride and Groom at the Wheeler Mansion.
Mother bursting with happiness during their wedding speech at Wheeler Mansion.
Bride before the ceremony at St. Michael's in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood.
DIY pins made for the guests of the Bride and Groom
A surprise Drag show at the Low Res Studio in Chicago, Illinois!
Guests get crazy excited for a surprise Drag show at the Low Rest Studio in Chicago
Bride sings with her girls